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A knowledge based company active in the field of Corrosion Monitoring systems and services. We are the team of professional engineers having sound experience in Corrosion monitoring instrumentation. The average experience of our team member is 15 years in corrosion monitoring services. The company has is sound knowledge base in corrosion, erosion and materials degradation processes mechanisms. We apply our knowledge, skills and experience to provide the suitable corrosion monitoring solutions and systems that will optimize the safety, integrity and life of our clients' assets.

Corrosion Coupons With Coupon Holders

It’s a piece of metal with the same metallurgy as that of pipeline and with a known weight

Corrosion Probes

We supply the corrosion probes of all types like ER probes, LPR probes (two electrode & three electrodes), Advanced ER probes

Corrosion Transmitters

LWe manufacture and supply our own corrosion transmitters with ATEX certifications in CCOE approved enclosure for the use in hazardous areas

Retractable And Fixed Type Of Injection Systems

We manufacture and supply both Fixed type and Retractable type of injection

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Corrosion Monitoring Services

Corrosion Monitoring Services, India has a comprehensive portfolio of Corrosion Monitoring Products and Services that enable the integration of Engineering with Field services. This aspect has also helped the company to increase the capability in handling critical project demands. The company offers the combination of ‘Engineering + Experience + Capability’ in a unique package. The company is continuously investing in new product design, new methods and in new training programs acquiring new skill sets.

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